Real. Local. Community Banking.

Mark Francis 2

That’s one of my answers to the question, “Why Golden Valley Bank?” 

Real community banking is where it’s at today.  More and more small businesses and people like you recognize the benefit and the value of being able to come in or call Golden Valley Bank and talk to a banker who has been there and done that.  A banker, who has the knowledge to take care of whatever it is that you want, then has the power to quickly and efficiently get it done.  A banker who knows your name and sincerely appreciates your business.

There is value in being able to walk into the President of the Bank’s office anytime (or call him on his cell phone 24/7).  There is value knowing that the Bank’s Board of Directors and Advisors are strong and reputable business people and active contributors to the welfare of our community.  And there is value knowing that by banking with a real community bank you are truly helping others become as successful as you are or dream to be.

Be careful of the imitators.  They’re out there. 

Isn’t it time that you get a second opinion about your banking relationship?  Go real.  Go local.  Go Golden Valley Bank!

Mark Francis


P.S.  My cell phone number is 514-4411.  Or you can get me at my office at 894-4920.

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