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Where is Golden Valley Bank's common stock listed?

Our common stock is now listed under the ticker symbol GVYB.  We suggest the website to view trading information. For information regarding buying or selling our stock, contact your broker.

From time to time, American Stock Transfer and Trust Company (AST) sends communications to our shareholders, often because we are requesting that information be returned to AST for required filings. For more information about AST visit their website. AST Shareholder Services can be reached at 888-509-4619.


Depending on how your GVB stock is held, you may be receiving a letter regarding the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) vs. Robert G. Pearson and Illinois Stock Transfer Company (IST).  IST was our stock transfer company handling stock issues and dividend payments.  They were "taken over" by the SEC a couple of months ago after some alleged improprieties by the principal of the company.

 Unless you are holding an uncashed or returned dividend check, no claim should be submitted against IST. 

 If you are holding a dividend check issued from IST, please contact Tracie Cvitkovich right away at 530-894-4923.

 American Stock Transfer purchased the accounts of Illinois Stock Transfer from the SEC and they are GVB's new transfer company.

Forward-Looking Statements
Statements concerning future performance, developments or events, expectations for growth and income forecasts, and any other guidance on future periods, constitute forward-looking statements that are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual results are pre-fiscal year-end audit and may differ materially from stated expectations. Specific factors include, but are not limited to, loan production, balance sheet management, expanded net interest margin, the ability to control costs and expenses, interest rate changes and financial policies of the United States government and general economic conditions. The Bank disclaims any obligation to update any such factors.

Additional Investment Information

How can I request additional information from Golden Valley Bank?

You can contact us via our Information Request page.

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