Home Loans - Really? No Closing Costs?*

We are committed to helping you find the home mortgage that makes the most sense to you. We offer you the flexibility to choose from an expanded line of home loans to suit your individual home mortgage needs. Select a home mortgage program that meets your home financing need and positively impacts your financial plan.

No Closing Costs*

Under our "No Closing Costs" loan program there will be no charge for the following customary closing costs for a mortgage loan.

Appraisal, Credit Report, Reconveyance Tracking, Title Insurance, Courier Expense, Wire Fee**, Points, Tax Service, Loan Origination, Loan Documentation, Escrow, Notary, Recording**, Flood Certification & Monitoring.

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Fixed Rate Mortgage

This loan option may be attractive if you are concerned about rising interest rates or uncomfortable with fluctuation principal and interest payments.

The interest rate and term are set and won't change throughout the life of the loan. Monthly principal and interest payments are also constant throughout the term of the loan.

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