Chico Economic Snapshot

The Chico Economic Index provides a snapshot of the Chico economy by using five seasonally adjusted and equally weighted categories- sales tax, transient occupancy tax (TOT), dollar value of building permits issued, employment rate and average housing sales prices- and comparing each category quarterly using the first quarter of 2007 as the base year.

The Chico Business Confidence Survey is a five question, multiple choice survey of how local business owners and managers feel about the prospects of their own companies in the year ahead and how they feel the local and national economies will perform over the next 12 months.

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Full Overview

 4th Quarter 2014 1st Quarter 2015  2nd Quarter 2015    3rd Quarter 2015 4th Quarter 2015 1st Quarter 2016
Economic Index Economic Index Economic Index  Economic Snapshot Economic Snapshot Economic Snapshot
Building   Building  Building Building Building Building
Employment Employment  Employment   Employment   Employment   Employment  
Housing   Housing Housing  Housing Housing Housing
Sales Tax  Sales Tax Sales Tax Sales Tax Sales Tax Sales Tax
TOT Tax TOT Tax  TOT Tax TOT Tax TOT Tax TOT Tax
Confidence Survey Confidence Survey   Confidence Survey   Confidence Survey